Welcome to the city of Lubbock, located in northwest Texas. The motto for the city of Lubbock is ‘The Giant Side of Texas.’ It is a rather large city for sure, and so there’s lots to do. We have been looking at restaurants in the city of Lubbock together, so let’s keep it rolling. Here are four more top ranked establishments in Lubbock TX that would be great choices if you are getting hungry.

Blue Sky Texas is said to feature a great restaurant atmosphere, and pictures show that there are blue neon lights inside. Located at 3216 4th Street, Blue Sky Texas is known for its delicious homemade burgers and fries. In other words, they put a lot of work into them. Wings, onion rings and salads are three other menu items. This restaurant looks like a very comfortable place to sit down for a casual meal.

When you are out looking for pizza, the place is Pie Five Pizza Company. Pie Five Pizza Company is located at 2912 West Loop 289, and the name of the game at this place is to build your own pizza. That sounds like a plan to me, and in fact I will take triple extra cheese, hamburger and onion. What’s more is that this place serves up a vegan pizza, too. Reviews talk highly of the place and mention that the pizza is absolutely delicious.

Chopped & Sliced BBQ is another spot in Lubbock that is great for eating some delicious barbecue. You will certainly find many BBQ places, and you might as well give this top notch establishment a try. Chopped & Sliced BBQ is located at 3501 50th Street, and the chopped brisket, okra, potato salad and corn bread would be enough to get me in the door. Have you ever tried smoked meatloaf? I can’t say that I have, so I would definitely want to see what it tastes like.

West Table is located at 1204 Broadway, and it is the final restaurant featured in this article. This is one place you go in Lubbock if you want fine dining. I’m not the person for fine dining much, but it’s okay. I do like classy restaurants, but fine dining is a different type of experience. Still, these four restaurants sound like great places to visit if you want a good meal in Lubbock TX, and I would probably start with Pie Five Pizza Company.